If you're using either HIS.com or HERS.com as your email domain, you can access your mail via Zimbra webmail at https://webmail.his.com. Log on using your his.com or hers.com email address and password.

Zimbra webmail is very powerful, and many people prefer it to regular email programs. Some of Zimbra's features:

  • You can set up as many folders as you want, and you can use Zimbra's filter options to do things like automatically put your mailing list mail into folders to keep it separate from regular mail in your inbox.
  • You can set up "vacation" auto-reply messages, and you can set an expiration date so your auto-reply will automatically disable itself when you're scheduled to return.
  • Zimbra adds another layer of spam filtering - mail that Zimbra thinks is spam will be put in your Junk folder. If you mark messages as spam or not-spam, Zimbra will learn your preferences and its spam filtering accuracy will improve. This works well to catch spam that manages to get through the Barracuda filters.
  • Zimbra has an excellent and easy-to-use calendar, and you can set reminders that will pop up an alert before the event.
  • Zimbra's task list lets you manage your to-do list.
  • Zimbra's Briefcase function lets you save attachments from email to your 'Briefcase' where they'll be easy to find. You can upload files to your Briefcase from your disk, also.
  • Zimbra's indexed search is very fast - you can limit your search to your inbox or any other folder, or you can search all folders at once.