email boxes on work with both the and domains (you can use or, as you prefer), 5 gigabytes of disk space (more disk space can be added for $1/GB/month).  Barracuda spam and virus filtering is included.

For applications that require five or more mailboxes, consider a Plesk email hosting account, which will let you set up and change email boxes at any time and will use your own domain.

For enterprise-grade email with full Outlook integration, calendar sharing and advanced webmail, consider a Zimbra Enterprise Email account.

You can access your mail using the standard IMAP (leaves mail on the server so you can access it from anywhere), POP3 (downloads mail to your computer and then deletes it from the server) protocols, and you can connect securely, so that logging on, sending and receiving are encrypted.  This security is important if you access the net from public portals in coffee shops, libraries, etc., where you never know who's 'sniffing' data packets trying to steal passwords.

Of course, webmail is supported, and webmail sessions are encrypted automatically.