HIS Privacy Policy

    • HIS does not sell or exchange customer information (email addresses, names, telephone numbers, addresses) with any entity for any purpose.  
    • Domain registrars offer a 'privacy' option for an additional fee, where a domain owner's identity, email address and telephone number are suppressed and will not be available via WHOIS domain queries.  We will assist domain owners wishing this service to obtain it when domains are registered through our services.
    • We are required to provide certain information when presented with appropriate requests (court orders) by law enforcement agencies.  When this happens, we are not permitted to reveal that the information was requested or provided.
    • Certain laws, such as the Child Protector and Sexual Preditor Punishment Act of 1998, require us to report illegal activity when we become aware of it.  Specifically, we are required to report child pornography when we become aware of it.  We are not required to look for such material, but if we discover it, we must report it.
    • HIS employees are not permitted to access customer email except when requested by the customer, who must provide the password.  
    • By company policy, HIS does not store human-readable copies of user passwords - this is done partly for security reasons (if the records don't exist, they can't be compromised) and partly to ensure that employees do not have the ability to access customer data.
    • All data transactions - email, web, or FTP - are logged.  No content is logged, only filenames, dates, sizes and in the case of email, email addresses.
    • All servers are backed up daily.  The backups are encrypted and decryption keys are available only to Senior level operations personnel.